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Eila Goldhahn dances in front of the digital eye in:
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s installation, Venice Bienale 2007.

© Copyright Photograph Stuart J Young is the site of Eila Goldhahn and Stuart J Young to showcase collaborative and interdisciplinary art making and research and creative, educational and therapeutic practice.

Embodied creativity and empathetic observation are their starting points for film, photography, performance and sculpture, the same as in their work with others.

MoverWitness is a method applicable in dance, therapy, sociology and other humanities and sciences, where an observer and ‘that what moves’ are entwined with different perspectives and perceptions .

MoverWitness is an interdisciplinary tool and was developed from the dance therapeutic Discipline of Authentic Movement (Adler 2002) by Eila Goldhahn (2007).

With gratitude to the Foundation Rhineland-Palatinate for Culture for generous financial support to create this website and new art work; to Dartington College of Arts for supporting the arts-led research and to Dartington Trust and Delamore Arts for hosting and supporting large scale art installations; to Haus am Dom, Frankfurt, the University of Frankfurt, the University of Erlangen and the Bruxelles Embassy of Rhineland-Palatinate for opportunities to exhibit work.

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