A collaborative proposal by Dr habil Angela Breidbach and Dr Eila Goldhahn
for Kallio-Kuninkala / Research Pavilion #5:

Puzzling Patterns:
blue-sky arts/science research into complexities


It can seem that we live in a world of puzzles: complex compositions as well as riddles emerge from the flood of information that we are each exposed to. Algorithms seem to 'take care' of what information each one of us 'finds' in the digital world. Phenomena and information, in terms of material, medial form and content come as part of, and form themselves, orders.

As part of this complexity, we are ourselves immersed in a world of accumulated patterns of realities, both online and analogue, alone and together. Encounters, complexity and riddle apply to what we experience of the respective 'other'.
.        2017 © Angela Breidbach temporarily shared contribution (click to open film)

The object of our research will be the very puzzle  that unfolds through revealing and witnessing each other’s artistic work and thinking.