Eila Goldhahn                            Movement and visuality.

Stuart J Young                                  Photography and sculpture.

Sharedhabitat.net is the site of Eila Goldhahn and Stuart J Young to showcase collaborative and interdisciplinary art making and research and creative, educational and therapeutic practice.

Embodied creativity and empathetic observation are their starting points for film, photography, performance and sculpture, the same as in their work with others. 

MoverWitness is an interdisciplinary method and was developed from the dance therapeutic and mystical Discipline of Authentic Movement (Adler 2002) by Eila Goldhahn (2007). It is a method applicable in dance, therapy, sociology and other humanities and sciences, where an observer and ‘that what moves’ are connected yet with different perspectives and perceptions .

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With great gratitude to Janet Adler (1941-2023). This beautiful film portrait of her was created by Jens Wazel and published shortly before Janet’s passing in the summer of 2023.