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We now understand that we are part of a collective body and habitat. That which supposedly separated us is revised in the face of geopolitical changes.

Wir verstehen jetzt, dass wir Teil eines kollektiven  Lebensraums, ja Körpers sind. Das was uns vermeintlich trennte wird revidiert angesichts geopolitischer Veränderungen.
When the own inner observer becomes empathetic, others may be  reflected with less prejudice and judgement too.  Perhaps the MoverWitness can prepare for a new egalitarianism.

Wenn der eigene innere Betrachter empathisch wird, können auch andere mit weniger Vorurteil und Urteil gesehen werden. Vielleicht kann der MoverWitness auf einen neuen Egalitarismus vorbereiten.

As long as nature remains at least in part available to our contemplation, we can train our esteem in her. We can be still and sense our embodied selves and appreciate the sight of a river, a plant, a bird or a newborn.

Solange die Natur uns noch in Aspekten zur Verfügung steht, können wir unsere Wertschätzung durch Kontemplation an ihr trainieren. Noch können wir still sein und unsere Körper empfinden und die Ansicht eines Flusses, einer Pflanze, eines Vogels oder eines Neugeborenen geniessen.

A Guide to the MoverWitness
(Authentic Movement)


Being seen digitally: here, now and everywhere is a web-based visualisation of analog art works, which emerged as part of a PhD research project  on movement and dance (Shared Habitats The MoverWitness Paradigm 2007) and continued in new art works and publications.

Movement, dance and observation are the starting points for the here presented sculptures, objects and installations. The themes of development, birth and death stand visibly in the foreground, with silence and movement as recurring topics in the MoverWitness.

The MoverWitness is a method applicable  in art, dance, sociology and other arts, humanities and  sciences, where an observer and “that what moves” are interdependently connected. The MoverWitness is an interdisciplinary tool developed from the Discipline of Authentic Movement by Eila Goldhahn.

Shared Habitats
ist eine web-basierte Visualisierung von analogen und digitalen künstlerischen Arbeiten, welche in einer arts-led Doktorarbeit über Bewegung und Tanz entstanden (Shared Habitats The MoverWitness Paradigm, E Goldhahn 2007) und in neuen Arbeiten weiterentwickelt wird. 

Bewegung, Tanz und Beobachtung sind die Ausgangspunkte für die dargestellten Positionen in Skulpturen, Objekten und Installationen.

Der MoverWitness ist lern- und anwendbar in der Kunst, Tanz, Soziologie und anderen Künsten und Human- und Naturwissenschaften. Die Prämisse ist , dass Beweger, oder das “was sich bewegt” und Beobachter miteinander verbunden und in einer Wechselbeziehung stehen. Der MoverWitness ist eine interdisziplinäre Methode, die sich aus Authentischer Bewegung (Adler 2002) entwickelt hat. Sie bedient sich und trainiert eine phenomenologische, beschreibende Sprache (percept language) in welcher die individuelle Erfahrung als Teil eines Habitats erfahren lässt.

Eila Goldhahn tanzt vor dem digitalen Auge in Rafael Lozano-Hemmers Installation bei der Venedig Bienale 2007. 

Eila Goldhahn dances in front of the digital eye in Rafael Lozano-Hemmers Installation bei der Venedig Bienale 2007. (Copyright with the artists) 

A collaborative proposal by Dr habil Angela Breidbach and Dr Eila Goldhahn
for Kallio-Kuninkala / Research Pavilion #5:

Puzzling Patterns:
blue-sky arts/science research into complexities


It can seem that we live in a world of puzzles: complex compositions as well as riddles emerge from the flood of information that we are each exposed to. Algorithms seem to 'take care' of what information each one of us 'finds' in the digital world. Phenomena and information, in terms of material, medial form and content come as part of, and form themselves, orders.

As part of this complexity, we are ourselves immersed in a world of accumulated patterns of realities, both online and analogue, alone and together. Encounters, complexity and riddle apply to what we experience of the respective 'other'.
.        2017 © Angela Breidbach temporarily shared contribution (click to open film)

The object of our research will be the very puzzle  that unfolds through revealing and witnessing each other’s artistic work and thinking.

alongside British Art Show Plymouth...
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Proposal entry for Frontpage, Backpage, Centrefold: Selected work by DEvon and Cornwall artists

Look both ways, side to side, up and down, to and fro, front and back.
Look to the inside and the outside, see the expected and the unexpected.
Pairs of dualism, such as front and back, sea and land, city and country.
Subversive scores for movement and witnessing in precious times.

Portrait of a Mover (Video still)

Movers at Dartington (Video still) 

The Wall, detail 1 (painting on video still)

The Wall, detail 2 (painting on video still)

The Wall, detail 3 (painting on video still)

Films on Authentic Movement and the MoverWitness

Films for institutions

Films for individuals

“Questioning Normality”

a book review by Dr Eila Goldhahn & Marcia Plevin
published November 2022 in:

Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy,an International Journal for Theory, Research and Practice

25 free downloads/PDFs available.

“Reflections on Authentic Movement”

a monograph/hard-cover book by Dr Eila Goldhahn 
published 2022 by Routledge Research in Creative Arts and Expressive Therapies

Sessions and workshops in MoverWitness (Authentic Movement)

The MoverWitness is a practice of undirected ‘authentic’ movement  combined with a non-judgemental gaze by a trained witness on the moving person.

Participants flourish individually and develop a sense of being part of a connected shared habitat. We practice in studio settings and take this work out of doors into different environments and habitats.

15 August 2022   Slapton beach movers, performance and film project, Devon, UK. This project is now closed. Enquire for participation in 2023.

Individual work (ongoing)  Online and in person studios in Totnes and Plymouth. Enquire for availability.

Retreats 2023   August peer retreat at Balabrook Centre, Devon. Fully booked.



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