Shared Habitat collaborate in creating sustainable projects and infrastructure involving local communities. Shared Habitat initiated the Dartington to Totnes Foot- and Cyclepath. They negotiated with Dartington Trust, the major landowners, worked together with the national charity Sustrans and involved the local Dartington community in the 1990s. Since then a major section of the path was built and has become a much frequented route for cyclists, walkers and wheelchair users. It has been extended to include pathways by the weir and river in Totnes with help of South Hams Council and local supporters.

The ground breaking proposal was originally for a path envisioned to connect Totnes with Buckfastleigh. Below is an image of the original map which, accompanied by photographs, was used as part of Shared Habitat’s proposal back in 1989.


“We now understand that we are part of a collective body and habitat. That which supposedly separated us was revised as artistic and new scientific insights informed us. We adapted to meld to news about climatic and geopolitical changes.” Shared Habitat

Shared Habitat collaborate in creating sensitive documentation of sites using photography and text.

INTERVAL: Impressions of Dartington Estate in times of change was commissioned for an academic conference Gardens of Culture at Abi Warburg Haus, Hamburg, Germany, November 2023.
It was also exhibited in the local community, at
Birdwood House, Totnes in February 2024.

Selection of photographs:

“Leaving divisive and/or speculative views aside, we appreciate, raise questions and take stock. Exploring our personal impressions of Dartington, we asked: How do we look at these buildings, gardens and lands at this time, almost 100 years after the Elmhirsts' vision put its inspired stamp on the estate? What might be seen and learnt about the past and the future through an artistic lens? We entitled the series INTERVAL, the word projected on the chimney wall of the Great Hall during concert breaks. It seemed to us like a metaphor for this particular time.”
All texts, ideas and images © Eila Goldhahn & Stuart J Young 2023

Selected comments from exhibition visitors:

I found the photos of Dartington beguiling & haunting as a comment on a fading beautiful thing.

Really interesting and thought provoking.

A delightful quietude.

Memories of Dartington...memories...

Fascinating, insightful commentary on the changing life of Dartington.

Profound, thoughtful with visual acumen.

Meaningful images of change.

So many stories in each photo.

Local narrating with photos a joy to see.

The all of this lives in my heart.

Thoughtful and contemplative.

Excellent, beautiful composition.

Very, very impressive.

Beautiful work, so reflective and different view points from something so shared.

Other selected photography by Shared Habitat:

“When the own inner observer becomes empathetic, others may be  reflected with less prejudice and judgement too.”
All texts, ideas and images © Eila Goldhahn & Stuart J Young 2023
Shared Habitat collaborate in curating exhibitions and commissioning artists residencies:

Nina Mischler painting a mural curated by Eila Goldhahn.
Jeder Zug zählt” (Every move counts)
depicts the German billiard champion Paul Schneider playing billiard balls and... Earth.
Pfaelzer Hof Artists Residencies in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.